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Get the tools you need to coach softball

West Valley's senior coaches have gathered some of the drills, practice plans, videos and other resources they use to develop their teams. These resources are updated regularly based on clinic attendance, best practices and coaching nuggets pulled from a variety of sources.


Coaches are encouraged to participate in West Valley pre-season sessions, winter sessions or skill sessions to update their skills and ensure consistent technique and terminology is used when teaching all West Valley players. New coaches are also welcome to attend the practices of senior coaches to see practice plans in action.

Safety and game operations downloads are available for volunteers.


Drills & Tips


Team Management

These documents are not set in stone. They can be modified to accommodate your team's age groups, skill level or most importantly, player and parent consensus.

Player and Parent Goals documents are filled out individually can be referenced later in the season to identify areas of success or further improvement.

The files below contain sample data for context. They can be cleared or modified to suit your needs.

Google Forms is a free and intuitive tool for capturing non-personal information from your team. The results of simple questionnaires are captured and organized automatically.

Practice Plans

Game Management

Team Cheers

One of the most enjoyable parts of the game, especially for younger players, is supporting their teammates with fun, creative cheers.

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