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Learn how you can help your child's team

West Valley appreciates the busy schedule of its parents and guardians.  No single person is expected to run, organize or attend every game, practice and social activity. Fortunately, there is a range of volunteer opportunities available to help your team and association.

"Many hands makes light work."


Check out the position descriptions below and find one that best suits for skillset and availability. Only one volunteer is required per West Valley household, but all are welcome.

Should your schedule not allow for volunteering of any kind, there is a $150 option to forego volunteer requirements. The cost will be in addition to registration fees.


Team Roles

Head Coach

Plan and lead practices, set rosters, manage player rotations, game management, create a positive environment for learning and enjoying softball

Assistant Coach

Assist in planning and execution of practices, assist in personnel decisions, coach bases, back-up umpire, back-up diamond set-up.

Team Manager

Work with coach to plan and execute team schedules, team meetings, make-up games, tournament participation. Manage ordering and distribution of team apparel.

NOTE: Team are required to have at least one member of the coaching staff or team manager be the same gender as the players.


Ensure accurate scorekeeping and line-ups. Verify results and any changes with opposing team's scorekeeper.


Umpire HOME games where paid umpire is not available. Ensure strike zone and rules are enforced in a fair and consistent manner.

Safety Person

Have access to and be able to use the first aid kit. Implement Covid-19 safety protocols (social distancing, mask use, etc..

Team Uniform Coordinator

Ensure all players receive their uniform (jersey, belt, socks). Manage bulk orders of any extra uniform components (pants). Ensure uniforms are washed and returned to West Valley.

Diamond Set-up

Place and secure home plate, pitching rubber, bases and pylons (LTP & U10) for HOME games. 

Social Event Coordinator

Work with Team Manager to plan, communicate and execute non-game and non-practice events. E.g.: pre-season player/parent meetings, opening weekend dinner, between game gatherings and meals at tournaments, year-end wrap-up party

Other Duties as Required

Your team may identify a role that combines or is outside of those described.

Association Roles

Age Division Coordinator​

LTP (U8), U10, U12, U14, U16, U19

Work with WV board members to oversee entire age division. Liaise with Softball Calgary. First point of communication for parents.

Volunteer Coordinator

Coordinate the pool of volunteers and assign individuals to roles s required.

Diamond Coordinator​

Assign Silver Spring's allotment of diamonds based on team schedule, preference and player/coach location

Diamond Maintenance Coordinator

Ensure West Valley diamonds are fit for play prior to season.

E.g.: Dragging of infield, placement of markers for plate, bases, pitching mounds.

Ongoing maintenance as required.

Equipment Coordinator​

Inventory, distribute and manage returns of softball equipment.

Uniform Coordinator​

Inventory, distribute and manage returns of softball uniforms.

Registrar Assistant

Assist Silver Springs staff with annual registration.

Batting Cage Coordinator

Coordinate and update Silver Springs batting cage schedule.

Training & Evaluation Coordinator

Assist with pre-season indoor sessions and evaluation process

Tournament Organizer

Lead host committee for West Valley hosted tournaments

West Valley Board Member

Assist in the administration and execution of policy for the West Valley Softball.

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