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Get answers to frequently asked minor softball questions

Joining a new sport, association, age group or team can raise questions for players and their parents. Here, you will find the answers and resources related to common inquiries.

If you are unable to find an answer, we encourage you to contact West Valley directly. We will aim to answer your question quickly and may add it to the FAQ for the benefit of others.

Q: Where do registration fees go and how are they used?

A: Registration fees are received by the Silver Spring Community Centre and are used with direction from the West Valley Softball board to covers costs associated with:

  • field/diamond rentals

  • gymnasium and field house rentals (pre-season)

  • uniforms

  • team equipment (bats, balls, catcher's gear, etc.)

  • field equipment (bases, pylons, storage lockers, tape measures, etc.)

  • associations & insurance (Calgary Minor Softball, Respect in Sport, Ethical Decision Making)

Q: What equipment do I need to purchase for my player to play?

A: The Age Division page lists and provides details for required equipment (glove, batting helmet). Recommended, optional and team-provided equipment is listed as well.

For softball bat and glove guides, visit our Bats & Gloves page.

Q: Are there other fees associated with my child's participation?

Volunteer Deposit: $150.00 deposit will be charged to your credit card if the volunteer commitment is not honoured (one deposit per family).

Uniform Deposit: $75.00 deposit is required for all players except LTP (one deposit per player). The deposit will be charged to your credit card if the uniform is not returned in good condition at the end of the season.

Other potential fees

team apparel (e.g.: t-shirt, hoodie, warm-up jacket, alternate uniform)

tournament entry

travel & accommodations

team meals

team parties

coach & volunteer gifting


Q: When will my child play?

A: We offer seven (7) age divisions that play Monday through Thursday evenings, with regular seasons running from mid-April to late-June or late-July depending on division.


  • Learn to Play (U7): Tuesday & Thursday

  • U9: Monday & Wednesday

  • U11: Tuesday & Thursday

  • U13: Monday & Wednesday

  • U15: Tuesday & Thursday

  • High School (U17 & U19): Monday & Wednesday

There are exceptions for opening weekend, city championships, provincials and other tournaments.

Q: Which age division will my child play in?

A: A player's age division is determined by their age prior to January 1 of the year in which the season is played. (e.g.: An 11 year-old will play U11 if they were ten years old on December 31, even if they have a birthday prior to the start of the season.

For more age division specific information, visit our Age Divisions page.

Q: Where will my child play?

A: Younger players (U7 & U9) begin play in NW Calgary, while older players or those player in division 1 and premier division teams may play anywhere in Calgary or surrounding areas.

Q: Where are the West Valley home diamonds?

A: The diamonds used by West Valley are in the communities of Silver Springs, Scenic Acres, Ranchlands, Rocky Ridge, and Tuscany.

West Valley rents diamonds from the City of Calgary. D-class fields and diamonds are maintained by the City of Calgary Parks. They are normally located near Community Associations or open spaces that are not on school property.


If a diamond requires maintenance, please call the City of Calgary at 311 with the diamond number.


Each team will be responsible for ensuring diamonds are safe for play.

Q: Uniforms

A: Each player will be provided with a West Valley team jersey for the season. They are responsible for ensuring its return once the season is complete. Most teams will assign a volunteer to collect player jerseys.


Additional uniform requirements include black softball pants, red belt, team socks. These are not supplied due to the cost of replacing damaged or lost items. They can be purchased at a number of local sports stores on online.

Q: How do I volunteer for a position?

A: There is always room for volunteers (coaches, team managers, umpires, safety people, board members and more) with West Valley Softball. Volunteer options are provided during the registration process.

For more information on volunteer roles, visit our Volunteer Roles page.

Q: Where can I find out about rain-outs?

A: During the season, the Calgary Minor Softball site is updated daily at 4:00 p.m. CMS will also contact your coach and/or manager, who will then provide updates to the team. Information will be dispersed a quickly as possible. Please ensure your contact info is updated.


Q: What is TeamSnap and what is it used for?

A: TeamSnap is team management software that allows managers and coaches to easily communicate schedules and information with their team. It also allows parents and players to update their attendance status or contact information.

The TeamSnap app is available for iOS and Android mobile devices. A desktop version for web browsers is also available.

There is a useful free version, but coaches or teams may choose invest in the paid version to gain access to advanced features.

Q. Why don't diamonds have washroom facilities (porta-potties)?

A: The diamonds West Valley uses are operated by the City of Calgary and they do not supply washroom facilities for all diamonds. The cost to supply toilets for the association would be several thousand dollars annually, which West Valley cannot fund.

Q: What is West Valley's refund policy?

A: Up until March 15 refunds will be given, less a 20% administration fee.

After March 15 there will be no refunds for any reason other than medical.

For more information on fees & refunds, visit our Registration page.

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