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Registration is closed for the 2023 season. Time to play ball!



What you need to know heading into the coming season.



Helpful tools and references for team coaches, staff and volunteers

2023 Spring Season

West Valley is excited to welcome everyone to the 2023 outdoor season.

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Registration is now closed.


Below is important information for the coming season.


Calgary Minor Fastpitch Season Dates

  • All ages and divisions begin league play on April 28, 2023

  • Season end dates will be staggered based on division

    • Division 3, U9 and U11 seasons end June 25

    • Division 2 season ends July 9

    • Division 1 season ends July 27


Game Nights

  • Timbits U7 (2016, 2017, 2018): Tuesday and Thursday

  • U9 (2014, 2015): Tuesday and Thursday

  • U11 (2012, 2013): Tuesday and Thursday

  • U13 (2010, 2011) Monday and Wednesday

  • U15 (2008, 2009)  Tuesday and Thursday

  • U17 & U19 (2004-2007): Monday and Wednesday


Recognizing Division 1 will have a longer season which includes league-provided umpires, each player on a U9 to HS division 2 or 3 team will receive a $50 credit towards West Valley team gear. Purchase of team gear will be coordinated through West Valley.


Season Expectations: U9 - U19 - All Divisions

  • All age groups U9 and up, will play games city-wide and in communities outside of Calgary

  • If enough teams are registered in a division, younger age groups (U9 and U11) may be divided into North and South divisions

  • Season play will consist of two (2) games per week, with practice and batting cage sessions organized by each team’s coach

  • Opening Weekend may have up to four (4) games played (April 28, 29, 30)

  • City Championship at the end of the season will be tournament style with the potential for weekend play


Season Expectations – Division 1 Teams


Prospective Division 1 players should plan for the following possible commitments:

  • Weekly practice and batting cage sessions

  • Multiple weekend tournaments – in Calgary or out of town 

  • Provincial play which may extend beyond the Calgary Minor Fastpitch Season


Respect in Sport

All West Valley families must complete the Respect in Sport program. Your Respect in Sport number is required for registration. If you have taken Respect in Sport for a different sport or activity, it is valid for West Valley Registration.


To register and take the program, please sign up here:

CLICK HERE to register and take the program


If you have previously taken the program and require your certification number, find it here:

CLICK HERE to find your RISP Number

Thank you,


Paul Seipp


West Valley Softball


Reg. Closed

Welcome to West Valley Softball

West Valley is the official Calgary Softball association for communities in northwest Calgary. We have a range of fun and engaging programs for girls of all ages and abilities.




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